13 August 2007

The Moving Process: An Excerpt

So, I'm moving again. I'm actually moving back to the home I gladly left. Why? Because making it on your own without the correct tools is tough. Also, because it is easy to agree to something when people imply that your desires will be met in a degree-of-lying fashion.

So, instead of going into that I will be telling you about the process of moving. Moving is not fun. I've done it all my life and I thought that when I became an adult I would not do it more than twice. Well, this is twice for me and it will not be the last or next to last.

When it comes to moving everything is a pain. You have to decide what you want to keep (also known as what is worth keeping), you have to decide what you can pack first (also known as what you can live without), and you have to decide how to gauge your food supply until the day of the move. In my case I have a lot of freezer food so I will be purchasing dry ice and taking it with me.

I've begun attempting to get rid of some items that just cannot make the trip. I traded my futon (I miss you, futon!) for a double-high air mattress from Target, I'm trying to sell my bed, and I'm trying to sell my used clothes that I will never wear again. I've tried Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Uloop. None of these sites have been much of a help as everyone in this area is not only flaky but cheap. So I suggest making a list of what you have and putting up that list in various local coffee shops and other places with bulletin boards.

I've also started packing winter clothes as well as books and DVDs. And of course the moment those things are packed I decide that I need something in one of the boxes (although I'm forcing myself to wait--I can get it out when I unpack the box).

One of my biggest issues with packing is finding boxes. I think of every single box I've thrown away in the past year that I could have used for this situation. Unfortunately the area that I live in does not have many liquor stores or other stores with useful boxes, otherwise I would be asking for free ones. So instead I'm going to have to purchase boxes... which I really feel is just a waste of money. However, this time I will collapse the boxes afterwards and save them in the closet for next time. Hopefully I won't require too many more boxes the next time I move.

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Ryan said...

Hey Ashley, I work for Uloop and your story is interesting. I'm sorry your move has been such a pain. Is there anything you would recommend we look do to make your experience with Uloop better? I realize your complaint is with the students more than the service, but if we can help at all, please let us know.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!